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Car Dipping is an increasingly popular way of enhancing the looks of your vehicle and is the perfect alternative to vinyl wrapping. PlastiDip is an advanced sprayable wrap that provides a long lasting, scratch resistant coating to your car and is available in a choice of colours.

Our car dipping process includes the professional application of base coats, coloured liquid wrap and a matte clear or high gloss anti-scratch coat.

The finish is extremely smooth and so durable you can even wax it.

Car dips can easily be removed by peeling off the product if you want to revert back to your original car colour or change the colour of your car with a new dip. PlastiDip will leave no trace of product or damage to your original paintwork.

We offer professional PlastiDip Car Dipping throughout the Manchester and Northwest areas from only £600.

car dipping porsche01

car dips manchester

car dipping manchester