Window Tinting

tinted windows manchester

With 9 years in the window tinting business, and having worked on every conceivable make and model of vehicle, Tinted Windows Manchester have met and pleased thousands of customers along the way.

We only use suntek/3m window tinting films which are by far the best UV window tinting film out there. It has the best shades and quality. Ignore anything else. Just look at the prices and reviews upon it.

All work comes with a no quibble lifetime warranty, even though we do 110% jobs first time so you never have come back for the same car twice. We make sure there are NO bubbles, fading, peeling or anything else of unsatisfactory value in our window tinting service and as such we consider ourselves experts in this field.

  • Reduces glare from the sun.
  • Reduces heat by up to 63%
  • Reduces UV radiation by 99%
  • Increases safety by reducing the risk of flying glass in an accident
  • Increases security by strengthening the glass and deterring car crime
  • Protects the interior of your vehicle from the damage of fading
  • Removes annoying headlight dazzle and glare
  • Improves visual security
  • Reduces air-conditioning costs
  • Enhances viewing of car video/TV screens
  • Gives a high level of personal privacy
  • Maintains the market value of your car by protecting the interior
  • Enhances the colour of the glass
  • Gives that stylish elegant prestige look

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